Tequila Tour
for Large Groups $99 USD

Tequila Tour $190 USD

Jeep Adventure
& Tequila Tasting $175 USD

Horseback Riding
& Tequila Tasting $190 USD

Mezcal Distillery
Single Day Excursion $205 USD

Chapala Lake $80 USD

 IMPORTANT: Please note that in order to prevent overbookings, our reservation system only displays availability starting two days after today’s date, however:

Should you wish to make a reservation for the next day, kindly contact us directly – either through email or by telephone before 9:00 pm CST (Central Standard Time).  Thank you for your comprehension.  

PRICES SHOWN ARE IN US DOLLARS AND PER PERSON.  To confirm a reservation for the Original Tequila Tour and any tour in Mexico City, a 20% deposit is required.  The deposit is 50% for all the other tours.

The balance is payable the same day of the tour; either in USD or in Mexican pesos (in which case the amount will be calculated at the exchange rate of the day).  

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 NO BLACK OUT DATES: Our tequila Tours are available all around the year.