Born to a mother from Jalostotitlán, Jalisco and a father from Yurécuaro, Michoacán, two municipalities listed on the classified denomination territory, it was only natural that love and passion for tequila would flow through my veins.

Working as a chief of operations for an international marketing research firm allowed me to travel the country extensively before settling in Guadalajara.

It was there, in the pearl of the Occident, that I could finally engage full time in my passion, which prompts me to say that since then, I have never "worked" another day in my life.

I noticed a need for a tour that felt more personal and authentic (and less touristic!); a tour that I would like to go on myself if I were a visitor in this land.

It was in 2008-2009 that the Tequila Tour by Mickey Marentes started taking form, first experimenting with friends and relatives and then slowly gaining impulse through the years.


I love Mexico, its history and traditions and its rich culture and I wish to share that with you. I have gone to Tequila a thousand times, but for you it's a first – therefore my goal is for you to experience it in the best way possible and make it a memorable journey.

I am thankful for the help provisioned by those in the industry, many of whom became close friends with the passage of time and for their openness to teach and share and their craftsmanship, allowing me to pass it on to you!